• Image of Silicon Psychosis Custom USB

Electronic Tonalities for Like​-​Minded Aliens by Silicon Psychosis on a wonderfully customised USB. DNA locked into test tube with freezing fluid encased in copper and brass. Illuminates when connected to your device giving off an alien green glow. Comes in beautiful small wooden crate to keep it safe and sound.

Contains audio in WAV, FLAC, MP3, AIFF and more. Media player included for Windows and Mac

Digital downloads of this album are also available from the campsite.

The artist first met Silicon when he was 5 years old. With gray skin and large, dark eyes, Silicon visited the child while he slept, telling him through telepathy that he wanted to put “dreams” into his head.

It wasn’t until many years later that the artist awakened to what these dreams were through the process of automatic writing.

Floating on an alien ocean… rainy beaches, crabs, sheep, and other beautiful things… cat stalking and machine elves… pyramids of the Global Matrix... To the artist, these dreams suggested the chronology of the Earth into the future.

The artist has translated these messages into the form of musical sequences, which we are happy to present to you with this recording.

This music, made in spiritual collaboration with the entity Silicon, is a message for everyone to recognize that sound is holographic, and that if we are in the “now,” which can be achieved during the peak of a psychedelic experience, by confronting death or by losing our way in life, we can use these signals singularly and collectively to project love and proceed with planetary upgrades and ascension. The sounds can be used to enhance empathy and compassion and to dispel negative energies.

It’s a shamanic invocation to heal the Earth and mankind, which is in a deep state of malfunction.

- Hares's Breath Records

Released May 9, 2018

All songs written and produced by Ian Henley
Artwork by Marc Godsiff
Remastered and arranged by M. Peach

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